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Many people dream of studying in the USA one day. But only a few know how the whole thing works. But what exactly do you have to consider if you want to study in the USA?

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Studying in the USA - that sounds like an adventure!

Studying in the USA is a great experience. Many students come with the intention of getting to know and experiencing American culture alongside their studies. Although this is not a fundamental problem, you should still be aware that this is a foreign country. Especially the language barrier can be a big challenge for many students in the beginning. So the question may arise: What is MSC degree?

However, most universities have special programs for foreign students where you can learn the English language. This is of course of great help, however, one should be aware that studying in the US can be a big challenge not only because of the language.

What do you have to consider before you can start?

Before you decide to study in the USA, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you need to consider what kind of school you want to attend. Most American universities are state institutions, but there are also a number of private schools. Each has its own rules and policies, so it's important to do your research beforehand.

Another important issue is the question of cost. Studying in the U.S. is relatively expensive and you need to think carefully about whether you can afford it financially. There are various ways to apply for financial aid, but one should keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that life in the USA is different than in Germany. You have to get used to the new culture and mentality and be familiar with the language. Also, leisure activities are often different from what you are used to.

Which universities are suitable for studying abroad?

A good choice for German students is often a state university. These usually offer a wide range of courses and departments, so that one can prepare well for the desired field. In addition, the cost of studying at a state university in the USA is often cheaper than at a private university.

Another option is a college in the USA. These are usually smaller than state universities and often focus on specific subject areas. This can be advantageous for German students, as they are prepared more specifically for their desired subject. However, the cost of studying at a college in the USA is usually somewhat higher than at a state university.

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With the new Reveal trailer, FIFA has presented the new features and functions for the on- and offline mode as well as the official release date. Also what you can see on the cover this year has now been announced.

Point of view video gaming. Playing Fifa 23

When will FIFA 23 be released?

The developer of EA Sports has revealed in the first Reveal trailer that FIFA 23 will be released on September 23 all over the world, also pre-orders are already possible. On the cover you will see the French footballer Kylian Mbappé from the club Paris Saint-Germain and the Chelsea player Samantha May Kerr as the first female footballer.

What are the new features?

One new feature that will probably please every FIFA fan is the crossplay function. This is a feature that players have been wanting for a long time, and in the new part of FIFA, it is finally possible. Both players with an Xbox One or a last-gen console like the PS4 and players with newer consoles like Google Stadia, PC, Xbox S/X or a PS5 can now play and compete against each other.

Likewise, other new features include two new game modes that are designed to ensure that women's soccer is brought more into the spotlight. As a result, the women who will compete in the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia in July 2023, as well as the Barclays FA Womens Super League and Division 1 Arkema will be playable. Since the Men's World Cup will also take place in the winter of 2022, this game mode will also be in FIFA 23.

EA Sports also has some innovations in terms of gameplay. Here, the HUD can now appear in a new guise even in standard situations, in addition there are now the so-called power shots, with which it is then possible to bring the opposing goalkeeper into distress with very particularly strong shots.

There should also be a new career mode. According to EA Sports, it should be a particularly authentic FIFA career mode experience for the players, but it is not yet known whether this mode will also be playable in online mode this year.

Alongside this, players in the popular FIFA Ultimate Team mode, also known as FUT for short, can look forward to Hero cards and new icons in addition to a newly revised chemistry system. Completely new players include Ricardo Carvalho, Park Ji-Sung and Yaya Touré.

As in the previous FIFA games, you can also buy FIFA Coins 23 in the new part. You can either win these yourself while playing, which can take a long time, or you can simply buy the FUT 23 Coins. The coins are available for all playable consoles like PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo or the Xbox.

What will FIFA 23 cost?

In the standard version, FIFA 23 for the Xbox One and PS4 will cost from 69.99 euros. For the Xbox Series S/X and PS5, the game will cost 79.99 euros. There will also be an Ultimate Edition like every year, this will then cost 89.99 euros for the PC and all other 99.99 euros.

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Biosensors are mainly optical spectroscopic sensors. This indispensable technology can be used to detect biomolecules such as DNA, proteins or bioparticles such as viruses or bacteria. Consequently, the resulting result is very accurate. Similarly, the term "biosensor" is also used when it is used to measure biological parameters even though they do not contain receptors.

biosensors applications

Where are biosensors applied?

Since the methodology has a very high potential and information content, biosensors are used, among others, in health diagnostics, air monitoring, soil monitoring, and food analysis. Based on the unique "fingerprint" of the microorganisms, you can identify and analyse them in a few hours and also compare and evaluate with the help of a database.

Another example is the use for diagnosis of patients in the hospital bed, in the operating room, at the scene of an accident or in the outpatient clinic - with the advantage that the results are available in a very short time.

Currently, devices with test strips, such as those used to determine blood glucose, still have the largest market share. However, this is set to change in the future, with electrochemical biosensors that you can also use for analysis.

Are biosensors suitable for analyzing soil and air?

The biosensors applications from lino Biotech AG is also ideally suited for monitoring the composition of air and soil. As a result, biosensors can make a significant contribution to the detection and elimination of biological hazards. For example those caused by bioterrorism or pandemics. In view of this, security research is also being stepped up in Germany in this direction, since you cannot rule out attacks with biological weapons.

Future applications of biosensors for paralyzed patients

Researchers and scientists also see great potential in using biosensor technology to improve the quality of life of paralyzed people. However, this technology is still in the research stage and has not yet found its way into commercial prostheses due to a lack of biocompatibility and long-term stability. However, new approaches in research proved promising and have already been successfully performed on patients.


There is a growing global need for safe and easy-to-use analytical methods using biosensors. These include use in devices for blood glucose detection, food analysis, or early detection of biological or chemical terrorist threats. Biosensor technology is also suitable for enabling paralyzed patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

Compared to conventional technology, the use of biosensors is much more accurate and equally cost-effective. Other advantages of the biosensors application lies in the sensitivity. Also in the simplicity of operation as well as application and the procedure is faster and allows online monitoring.


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Today, sand, laser or dry blasting are used as cleaning methods. In this way, a wide variety of components and the like can be processed. The cleaning method influences not only the cleaning result, but also the environment, the surface to be cleaned and personal safety. Dry ice blasting in particular has proven to be an optimal cleaning method.


What are the alternatives to sandblasting?

Sandblasting is not the last word in every case. While it is quite an effective and fast process - it can be dangerous for delicate workpieces, as damage can never be completely ruled out with this process. Depending on the possibility and the grain size of the chosen abrasive, different results are achieved. With sandblasting, residues could remain in gaps. Here, dry ice blasting offers an optimal alternative.

The alternative - dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting equipment work absolutely gently and non-abrasively. (abrasive - removal of a material by grinding or rubbing) Therefore, dry ice is ideal for cleaning particularly sensitive surfaces. The dry ice pellets turn into pure carbon dioxide on the material after it is hit by it. For this reason, blasting can also be done outdoors without fear of leaving residues.

The dry ice blasting systems are suitable for various fields of application, such as processing in toolmaking, steel, metal and mechanical engineering, in the automotive and electrical industries, as well as in many other areas.

The laser beam

Another non-abrasive process is laser blasting. Here, too, no chemicals are used. The short pulsed beam can vaporize the layer to be removed on the substrate material at a high frequency. This reflects or transmits the beams. The result is a clean and smooth surface. However, laser blasting cannot take place in the open or in other neutral places, as is possible with dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting - convincing advantages

Effective cleaning of the material is guaranteed by dry ice blasting. It is gentle and very effective. In addition, the process is particularly ecological and clean, and no additional chemicals are needed. Nothing remains of the blasting material. Dry ice blasting can be carried out on a mobile or stationary basis. In this way, there are no spatial restrictions. In addition, it is of great advantage that no cleaning process works faster. When dry ice blasting equipment are used, the machines to be processed do not have to be disassembled, because the particles get everywhere - but they do not remain there. In this way, plants reduce downtime and lower labor costs that would be incurred with a conventional cleaning process.

Dry ice blasting is an absolutely clean method. No liquid is left on site. Sandblasting would only be suitable in certain cases, as small particles can get trapped, especially in industrial equipment or interiors. For thorough cleaning, the plant operator must disassemble the machine. Blasting machines with dry ice can do their job at any site.

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We are constantly changing in life - it can easily happen that our own four walls no longer like and a change has to be made. Therefore, creative ideas are presented in the following text, how the familiar home gets a completely different look with relatively little effort.

Tip number 1: A color change is needed!

In many cases, it is enough to give the walls a new coat of paint to completely change the atmosphere of a room. There are numerous, modern ways to design the walls. Either they are painted uniformly across the board or geometric patterns in harmonious colors are applied to the wall to give the room a little color. Another possibility is given by wall stickers. Stickers or wall decals are easy to attach and are available in an endless number of motifs. In this way, beautiful accents can be set quickly and easily in a room with little effort.

Tip number 2: Stone veneer provides more glamour!

With stone veneers, the appearance can be significantly changed. They can be installed on walls, as well as partitions and also on doors. Furniture can also be visually enhanced by stone veneers. In addition, the attachment is uncomplicated, as the plates are applied with adhesive. The cutting - if necessary - can be carried out with an angle grinder or even a sheet metal shear.


Tip number 3: Open shelves offer a lot of leeway!

Open shelves are ideal for adding a personal touch to the space. Photos and other decorative items can be placed here. In addition, open shelves can make a room look larger if they stand out from the wall in color, such as white shelves in front of a wall painted in petrol. Open shelves can accommodate books that, for example, are sorted by color according to their cover - i.e. from light to dark - and thus set beautiful color accents.

Tip number 4: Pictures and photographs on the walls!

A room can also get a different atmosphere by attaching pictures and photographs. The color of the frame and the attachment of the picture frames to each other can also cause a different look. If you prefer a clear, modern design, you can arrange images in angular frames symmetrically and parallel to each other. If you like a little kitsch, you can hang frames with decorative stucco and black and white photographs. Pictures can also be hung on canvases to achieve a different effect.

The conclusion

Whether with stone veneer from, open shelves or photographs - in the design of your own four walls, what pleases is allowed. Depending on your taste and preferred style, you can also find many suggestions on the World Wide Web on how to make the apartment prettier. Inspiration is everywhere!

In Shousugiban the surface is treated with fire and many people assume that fire and wood do not really belong together. But the flames can be a clever tool, as the Shousugiban collection shows. Finally, an old tradition from Japan is taken up. The charred black wooden houses are not a rare sight in distant Japan. The appearance is not only the result of time, but it was created on purpose.

The process of Shousugiban?

In general, this is a centuries-old process where the surface of cedar boards is subjected to controlled combustion. When Japanese cedar is burned, the outer layers of the wood are carbonised, which gives the surface natural protection against, for example, fungal attack or insect infestation. The wood can be made very durable and resistant by the process. The traditional method is now being taken up more and more often and even refined. Today's processes give the surfaces a vivid structure and dark patina. Depending on the oil and the burning time, the colours of the wood can vary from red-brown to deep black. Also possible are from fine to highly structured. It can also be used in damp rooms or outdoors, where usually only a sealant is important. Shousugiban then transports the old Japanese tradition into new products.

Important information about Shousugiban

Within your own four walls, many people want the noble surfaces and Shousugiban is the answer. The traditional surface technology from Japan is increasingly gaining ground. Many joineries, for example, are looking for the unusual surfaces so that there are more possibilities for design. Then the weather-resistant and very noble black layer is found. In Japan this is also called Yakisugi and simply said it is a burnt wood. The Far East has been using the technology for several hundred years and there are many advantages. Vermin are kept away by the thin thermal application and the wood becomes weatherproof. In addition, there is also a special protection against fire. The type of this surface treatment is certainly not yet known to the general public in Germany. At present, this can therefore still be presented as a real insider tip when talking about the exclusive surface. Many people take a closer look at this method if they want to save the recurring painting. Different domestic woods can be used and they are charred by fire. After some time the controlled extinguishing takes place. The wood is used for fine furniture, for interior wall coverings or for the design of facades.

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If someone would translate the word private label it would probably be best described as trademark. It is a product that is produced for a specific dealer, who developed a name for it afterwards. Right now those products are on the rise and therefore become more and more popular. First it was established in the USA, but the idea of creating own products with a unique brand quickly came to Europe and the rest of the world really fast. Many people have built their own business with their products, which is also the case in Germany.

Everything you need to know about a private label

A private label is a single product that is varied only to a slight degree and then come into stores as the corresponding label The next step is that the retailers produce the items in factories. One can say that only a small percentage of the products will be adapted for the production process so that in the following step only the name of the brand has to be applied on the actual product. Take the following example: You want to establish a strong label for shower gel. You start of thinking about what exactly you want your product to be. If you are clear of that you let a retailer produce those products in a factory and afterwards you put your label on it. The product will then be sold in supermarkets and drugstores. You just need to make sure that your unique product does not violate any rights of other companies. A famous example in Germany is the retailer Rossmann. The store has developed multiple private label and sells them in their stores. Therefore, Rossmann itself is credited as the owner of their labels.

What need to be taken into account for a private label?

Most of the time the private labeler himself has less work. The giant retailer Amazon for example is in no need to do the work labeling on their own. They simply offer the products. When dealing with a private label the founders can control every step very easily and also via remote control. Considering the capital that is needed for such a business you have to take into account that one can start with very little money. That is the major advantage of a such a label. Moreover, one can say that such a construct is flexible to development, new ideas and creative thinking.

Burnt wood panelling is becoming increasingly popular here in Europe. Demand is increasing from year to year. The mixture of Japanese tradition and exclusive design arouses desires. The sight is simply fascinating.

Burnt wood cladding in the Yakisugi (Shousugiban) Style
Burnt wood cladding - the choice of wood is crucial

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Contract packaging allows manufacturers to outsource the packaging of goods and entrust them to a specialized company. The Contract Packager packages the products in accordance with previously agreed agreements. This division of labor makes it possible to use resources efficiently. Some contract packagers also offer extensive services that go far beyond packaging.

What is contract packaging?

In today's business world, there is a strong division of labor and specialization in many areas. In ContractPackaging, a company specializes in packaging goods that have been produced or imported by another company. Such contract packagers are also referred to as co-packagers or contract packers.

The possibilities offered by contract packaging depend on the packaging company and the agreement between the contract packer and the manufacturer. Some co-packagers offer labeling, packaging, kits and more.

What advantages can contract packaging have?

The division of labor between manufacturer and packer can offer several advantages. For example, the manufacturer does not need his own machines for the final packaging, but can delegate this task to the cooperating company in contract packaging. This allows producers to focus more on the manufacturing process.

The specialization of companies also makes it possible to use resources and know-how efficiently. In co-packaging, the manufacturer does not always have to plan and organize every single step - for example, to look for suppliers for suitable boxes.

In addition, Contract Packaging offers importers the option of having their goods repackaged. Many contract packers make it possible to compile seasonal or thematic sets or to package product packages for marketing purposes. Some co-packagers also offer a comprehensive logistics service.

Disadvantages of contract packaging?

In contract packaging, the manufacturing company hands over part of the process to an external service provider. Although this step can be beneficial, the producer also gives it some of the control. Trust between stakeholders is an important factor in this context.Inadequate collusion with the co-packager can lead to misunderstandings that may need to be corrected, which takes time and other resources. Whether the potential benefits of co-packaging can be implemented depends crucially on the reliability of the contract packer.

For some goods, special guidelines apply, for example for food for humans and animals, for pharmaceutical products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. Depending on which goods are to be packed or repackaged, therefore, not every co-packager for a manufacturer in question - the packaging company must meet the appropriate requirements. High standards not only serve to comply with legal requirements, but also help maintain consumer confidence. For food and similar goods, too, contract packaging is possible if the contract packer has the necessary equipment.