Planning to study in the USA?

Many people dream of studying in the USA one day. But only a few know how the whole thing works. But what exactly do you have to consider if you want to study in the USA?

Studying in the USA – that sounds like an adventure!

Studying in the USA is a great experience. Many students come with the intention of getting to know and experiencing American culture alongside their studies. Although this is not a fundamental problem, you should still be aware that this is a foreign country. Especially the language barrier can be a big challenge for many students in the beginning. So the question may arise: What is MSC degreeOpens in a new window?

However, most universities have special programs for foreign students where you can learn the English language. This is of course of great help, however, one should be aware that studying in the US can be a big challenge not only because of the language.

What do you have to consider before you can start?

Before you decide to study in the USA, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you need to consider what kind of school you want to attend. Most American universities are state institutions, but there are also a number of private schools. Each has its own rules and policies, so it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Another important issue is the question of cost. Studying in the U.S. is relatively expensive and you need to think carefully about whether you can afford it financially. There are various ways to apply for financial aid, but one should keep in mind that this is not always guaranteed.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that life in the USA is different than in Germany. You have to get used to the new culture and mentality and be familiar with the language. Also, leisure activities are often different from what you are used to.

Which universities are suitable for studying abroad?

A good choice for German students is often a state university. These usually offer a wide range of courses and departments, so that one can prepare well for the desired field. In addition, the cost of studying at a state university in the USA is often cheaper than at a private university.

Another option is a college in the USA. These are usually smaller than state universities and often focus on specific subject areas. This can be advantageous for German students, as they are prepared more specifically for their desired subject. However, the cost of studying at a college in the USA is usually somewhat higher than at a state university.