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Today, sand, laser or dry blasting are used as cleaning methods. In this way, a wide variety of components and the like can be processed. The cleaning method influences not only the cleaning result, but also the environment, the surface to be cleaned and personal safety. Dry ice blasting in particular has proven to be an optimal cleaning method.

What are the alternatives to sandblasting?

Sandblasting is not the last word in every case. While it is quite an effective and fast process - it can be dangerous for delicate workpieces, as damage can never be completely ruled out with this process. Depending on the possibility and the grain size of the chosen abrasive, different results are achieved. With sandblasting, residues could remain in gaps. Here, dry ice blasting offers an optimal alternative.

The alternative - dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting equipment work absolutely gently and non-abrasively. (abrasive - removal of a material by grinding or rubbing) Therefore, dry ice is ideal for cleaning particularly sensitive surfaces. The dry ice pellets turn into pure carbon dioxide on the material after it is hit by it. For this reason, blasting can also be done outdoors without fear of leaving residues.

The dry ice blasting systems are suitable for various fields of application, such as processing in toolmaking, steel, metal and mechanical engineering, in the automotive and electrical industries, as well as in many other areas.

The laser beam

Another non-abrasive process is laser blasting. Here, too, no chemicals are used. The short pulsed beam can vaporize the layer to be removed on the substrate material at a high frequency. This reflects or transmits the beams. The result is a clean and smooth surface. However, laser blasting cannot take place in the open or in other neutral places, as is possible with dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting - convincing advantages

Effective cleaning of the material is guaranteed by dry ice blasting. It is gentle and very effective. In addition, the process is particularly ecological and clean, and no additional chemicals are needed. Nothing remains of the blasting material. Dry ice blasting can be carried out on a mobile or stationary basis. In this way, there are no spatial restrictions. In addition, it is of great advantage that no cleaning process works faster. When dry ice blasting equipment are used, the machines to be processed do not have to be disassembled, because the particles get everywhere - but they do not remain there. In this way, plants reduce downtime and lower labor costs that would be incurred with a conventional cleaning process.

Dry ice blasting is an absolutely clean method. No liquid is left on site. Sandblasting would only be suitable in certain cases, as small particles can get trapped, especially in industrial equipment or interiors. For thorough cleaning, the plant operator must disassemble the machine. Blasting machines with dry ice can do their job at any site.

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Dry ice – Also suitable for cleaning

To use dry ice, the right dry ice blasting tools and dry ice blasting machines have to be used. The blasting materials of dry ice blasting tools is frozen CO². Dry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that makes use of small, compact dry ice pellets as the blasting materials. All of our technicians are skilled dry ice blasting gear operators who are skilled by Cold Jet within the dry ice blasting process.

Chilly Jet is the worldwide chief in dry ice production gear and dry ice blasting machines. Dry ice blasting is an environmentally secure way to clear with dry ice. World Ice Blasting is your source for rental dry ice blasting techniques.

Continental Carbonic is your Single Source Advantage for dry ice blasting. ICEsonic USA LLC is headquartered close to Spartanburg, South Carolina and concentrates solely on dry ice blasting tools and associated accessories. Dry ice blasting is comparable in precept to sand blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting uses exclusively dry ice cleaning systems. Dry ice blasting (also referred to as CO2 blasting) is a relatively new cleaning course of utilizing stable CO2 pellets. The dry ice blasting course of won't damage the substrate.

Right now, dry ice blasting tools is being used in nearly all areas of commercial cleansing. Dry ice blasting is such a cheap cleansing methodology. Dry ice blasting is a sophisticated, environmentally accountable surface preparation and cleansing methodology that make the most of dry ice pellets (solid CO2) because the blasting supplies. Dry ice blasting systems present a superior clean.

Dry ice blasting cleans totally and leaves your gear dry. Dry Ice or CO 2 Blasting is a comparatively new cleansing process utilizing solid CO2 pellets (known as dry ice). Unlike sand blasting, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. The dry ice sublimes quickly into the air and only the removed material must be cleaned up. Dry Ice blasting eliminates gear damage in two methods.

Dry Ice Blasting differs from other blasting techniques as the blasting media (Strong CO2) vaporises on affect with the floor being handled, leaving nothing behind other than the material that has been removed. Dry ice blasting often known as Dry Ice Cleaning , CO2 Blasting, was developed as a secure, clear alternative to bead, grit, and sand blasting. Dry ice blasting equipment provide a superior clear.

The dry ice pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air much like that used in conventional blasting methods. Dry Ice Blasting is particularly efficient at cleansing industrial and manufacturing gear. Industrial Cleaning services utilizing dry ice blasting because the media with which to wash.