Bright views: Glass Balustrade for balcony, roof terrace or staircase

A glass balustrade on the balcony, on the roof terrace or indoors provides a translucent fall protection. The material looks very noble and contributes to a modern design. A glass balustrade is made of particularly strong glass, which meets the requirements for stability and resilience.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass balustrades

A glass balustrade looks visually appealing, but it should match the architecture of the environment. A combination of old and new elements is quite possible – as so often it depends on how you implement the balustrade practical. Many glass balustrades are translucent. In particular, balconies are often brighter thanks to this feature than with a concrete balustrade. Balustrades made of frosted glass or tinted glass offer enough privacy at the same time.

A glass balustrade is not made of ordinary glass. Instead, manufacturers usually use sturdy safety glass. This has the advantage that it does not break even if damage occurs. The glass surfaces are held by a frame, which is often made of aluminum or other metals.

Where can glass balustrades be used?

Glass Balustrades are not only suitable for balconies, but can also contribute to a bright and friendly atmosphere in other places. Matching glass balustrades can also be used, for example, in a staircase or in a loft with open spaces. If you are looking for a suitable glass balustrade, you should therefore consider whether your selection is intended for indoor or outdoor use. A glass balustrade designed for indoor use may be lighter. Outdoor glass balustrades are often more robust as they have to withstand wind and weather. Also, ask yourself if the model you are looking for is suitable for your intended purpose, such as an outside staircase or roof terrace.

Glass balustrade of clear glass, frosted glass, with tint or textured?

Glass balustrades are available in many different variations. Clear glass looks particularly bright and allows the view to penetrate it. This can prove to be both an advantage and a disadvantage, because on the one hand blends a clear Glasbalustrade easily in the environment and looks natural, on the other hand, it offers no privacy. In addition, dirt on clear glass can be seen more clearly. This type of glass balustrade is therefore generally somewhat more caring. Frosted glass and tinted glass restrict the view, but they are still brighter than a balustrade of concrete or other impermeable material. Some manufacturers offer different shades so you can choose the one that best suits your balcony.

In addition to smooth glass balustrades, there are also those which have a structured surface. This grain often gives a pretty pattern. Even on these surfaces, minor soiling tend to be better laminated. In addition, a structured glass balustrade can also serve as a decorative element.

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